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San Francisco based Startup to provide a wide range of human capital services including retained executive search, rockstar technical recruiting, solution sets and management consulting to companies in the rapidly growing 'reality' industries.

Founded by Alison Raby, serial entrepreneur and twenty year search industry veteran and James Hanusa, management consultant in technology and culture, Digital Raign offers a wide range of customized solutions including: VR executive search and technical recruiting, 360 office experience and corporate culture design (virtual company tours, interviews, cultural branding) as well as impact experience production. 

"Reality technologies are the future of not only the computer industry, but will also be central to every aspect of our lives. We have already begun to see major shifts in healthcare, real estate, retail and entertainment," said James Hanusa. “We have developed a platform to engage the people that are necessary to scale this sector, over the next five years." 

The industry is experiencing massive momentum with $1.2B flowing into VR in Q1 and the recent establishment of the $10B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance as well as strong investment from tech giants including: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Sony, HTC and Samsung.

Goldman Sachs expects the market for virtual reality and augmented reality to be worth 80 billion dollars in 2025, which is roughly the same size as the PC market is today. With that growth will come a need for talented technical and creative staff as well as key executives. For reference, Indeed, Inc., the online job marketplace, saw an 800% increase in VR job postings since 2014 and 1800% increase in VR job searches. 

"We are building a global firm based on relationships, that is tech savvy and aggressive in pushing the edges of possibility with our clients," stated Alison Raby, "the search industry has changed dramatically, as have recruiting processes. We have even started to see VR used in candidate courting by early adopters, case in point, the Golden State Warriors wooing of Kevin Durant." 

Digital Raign's founders have worked with marquee clients including: Google, 23andMe, Bayer, Oracle, Genentech, Autodesk, Amazon, Roche, Salesforce, Elan, Burning Man Project, Impact Hub Network and State of the World Forum.

Sharing a passion for activism and social change, Hanusa and Raby have built impact into the DNA of the company. Events are currently being designed to engage the reality industry in more 4Good initiatives as Ms. Raby is an Ambassador for the Virtual World Society established by the Grandfather of Virtual Reality, Dr. Tom Furness, to explore how to create mechanisms for increased diversity and inclusion as the industry grows. To further her commitment to the inclusion of under-represented groups in the reality workforce, Alison has recently joined as Co-Organizer of AR VR Women; an organization dedicated to supporting gender equality in the Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality industries. 

Digital Raign has recently established a strategic partnership with Spiritual VR, a content creator and publisher focused on spirituality and self-improvement. The mission of the alliance is anchored in developing a community dedicated to enhancing our humanity in an ever increasing digital world.

An immersive experience examining these topics and others relating to the future of reality will be held at the Esalen Institute October 9-14th, more information on the event here.  

For more information on this exciting development visit: DIGITAL RAIGN.