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Inclusion Activist


Alison possesses a powerful mix of entrepreneurial savvy and finely honed communication skills. Dedicating more than twenty-five years to the art of communication and interpersonal dynamics, she is a connector, facilitator and serial entrepreneur.

At the age of nineteen, her role as an Organizational Development Director for the Worksite Wellness Council led her to Co-Found and Administer the first holistic health degree program by an educational institution. She continued her entrepreneurial endeavors by opening and later selling a successful Chicago dining establishment, founding Mariposa Search, LifeBeforeDeath and Co-Founding Wisdompreneurs.

Her years of study and teaching in wisdom traditions and long-term engagement with Esalen Institute guided her to join Wisdom 2.0's launch team, serve on the board of Wisdom 2.0 Women, and act as a Strategic Advisor for Inspiration Campaign. 

Firmly committed to social justice, Alison regularly donates her time to a number of volunteer organizations such as Emerging Women, It’s Time Network, ARVR Women among others. She chairs the Bay Area Recruiters Association and sits on the board of both Dr. Tom Furness’ non-profit organization, The Virtual World Society and SpiritualVR. She has also enjoyed numerous speaking engagements, including: Wisdom 2.0, Consciousness in VR, 360 LA and Inclusion 2.0.

Alison holds Bachelor’s degrees in Holistic Health and Philosophy from DePaul University and is a licensed Personal Development Counselor. Her hobbies include horseback riding, meditation, cuddling with her dog Linus and designing her next passion project Spiritual and Fabulous.


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Venture Catalyst

James is a cultural strategist and organizer specializing in cross sector collaboration. he brings 20+ years in management roles across enterprise technology and creative community. his personal path led to exploring the edges of developments in silicon valley, from sustainability, to social justice, social media to conscious evolution, and now into the frontiers of emerging technology. His unique perspective has made him a sought after speaker and he holds advisory positions with UIX Global, Emerging Future Institute and Burning Man.

James’ professional background includes business development and technology partnerships for software companies and an interactive agency. He has deep expertise in urban economic development, social web, as well as corporate social responsibility based on years initiative creation in the bay area. He brings his future studies, global network and experience in creative industries and technology to the revolution.

His specialties include: new market development, partner ecosystems, sales, market strategy, corporate social responsibility, social media and pr, online/offline community development,  international business with a focus on exponential technologies. He holds an MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University.



Chief Technology Officer


Dan has spent over 20 years at the intersection of internet technology and entertainment as an entrepreneur, inventor and investor. His technology interests range from Gaming and Ecommerce to Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. He is a consultant to both startups and large corporations and has made investments in over 10 companies where he is often an active advisor or board member. He is the Founder and CEO of Cyberlab 9 - a MediaLab with offices in Los Angeles, Seattle and Beijing. C9 currently has a focus on IoT, Ecommerce, Encryption, Virtual Reality and AI. He has homes in Seattle and Los Angeles and has lived in Paris, London, Berlin, Osaka and Beijing. 

In addition to his business activities he has also been an advisor to the UN, UNDP, UNESCO, Nobel Committee, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Gorbachev Foundation, Obama Campaign and produced the First Summit on the Internet between Nelson Mandela and Shimon Peres. He has also been a technology advisor to the governments of China, Brazil, Chile, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Australia. He has been a New Media consultant to both Apple and Intel and other technology and entertainment companies. He founded eCity Studios in Los Angeles which was sold to VSI Holdings, Deep Light 3D Displays which was sold to Korea Display Group and Digital Motors Corporation (advanced media databases) in San Francisco which was sold to Arriba Software Corporation.

He has a deep interest in Meditation, Yoga and Peak Performance and is an avid sailor, diver and mountain biker. He also is working on Sustainability and the Environment and owns a 250 acre Permaculture Ranch that is powered entirely by solar.


Chief Impact Officer


Elizabeth is a technology for social good strategist and former journalist with more than 14 years of experience leading global digital inclusion and network-centered innovation programming,  partnership-building and reporting to improve access to information and opportunities for four billion people in emerging markets.

She has led international capacity building programs that enable people to participate and engage with the power of the Internet in their own language, she has managed and grown entrepreneurship skills-building supported by mobile phones, and she has supported the growth and development of local innovation and technology labs. She led partnership development for the international nonprofits Internews and One Global Economy with partners such as Cisco, Citi, Facebook, Google, Omidyar Network, Yahoo, and Symantec, and advised marketing and outreach for science and technology initiatives at the US Agency for International Development.

She has managed and grown social impact programs in Haiti, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, and South Africa, and led outreach in Senegal. She teaches vinyasa yoga in San Francisco and loves to be in the trails and waters where she lives in nearby Sausalito.