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Our advisors have been instrumental in our ability to meet and learn from industry leaders in an accelerated time period. They are all pioneers in their fields and highly connected bringing a wealth of relational capital, industry knowledge and technological sophistication to our enterprise. As we grow, we will be building upon this core Advisory Council to fuel our expanding focus into exponential technology, social impact and consciousness/cognitive enhancement.

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Tom Furness

Dr. Tom Furness is an American inventor, professor, and virtual reality. a Professor at the University of Washington's Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, and the founder of the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington and its sister labs at the University of Canterbury and University of Tasmania. Known for his contributions in developing human interface technology, he has earned the title, "Grandfather of Virtual Reality." he is also the general manager and owner of the RATLab (Rocking and Thinking Laboratory), an engineering research and development company. he has continued to be a virtual reality visionary through his non-profit The Virtual World Society.


Barry is the Co-Founder and CEO of Variable Labs, a company creating VR experiences to provoke deep immersion, foster empathy, and change behavior. Barry works with the U.N. as a Chief Digital Officer. He is formerly the head of Discovery VR Originals and consults with organizations and companies across the globe on virtual reality storytelling and uses for impact.



Gabo Arora

Gabo is a Creative Director & Senior Advisor at the United Nations; Founder & President of LightShed, a virtual reality and social impact start-up; and an award-winning filmmaker represented by Within/ His work focuses on new technologies that promote social causes and make decision-making processes more inclusive. He is also founder of, the United Nations’ virtual reality lab.


JODI is an entrepreneur, founder of AR/VR Women, keynote speaker, consultant, essayist, and branding/digital marketing expert. Her latest endeavor, New Reality Arts, brings AR and VR services that aim to merge the best of today’s rising brand storytelling trends with the success and excitement of viral videos. Her many areas of expertise include AR storytelling, marketing and enterprise, building a diverse team and increasing VR adoption across the market.


Cris Miranda

Cris established himself as one of the foremost experts on virtual reality by creating the longest running VR podcast, EnterVR. He is also the Marketing Director at Vivid Vision a company creating VR solutions for human vision problems and A founder of the Metaverse Scholar's Club, a non-profit dedicated to expanding our collective knowledge of VR and AR.


DON Stein

Don is the founder of Virtual Reality Investments, LLC. An angel fund that invests in VR startups. VRI has made six investments this year. Don's mission is to accelerate the overall amount of funding going into the virtual reality industry by helping educate investors that currently do not invest actively into VR; creating a nexus between active VR investors/founders and those investors who are looking to become more educated about VR investments.


Larry Setren

Larry has worked in human resource and related fields for over 25 years. After holding senior level HR management positions at Genentechthe Getz Corporation and Levi Strauss & Co., he co-founded Setren, Smallberg & Associates, Inc. in 1996. Since that time, he has worked with the CEO’s, Boards and executive teams of hundreds of life science organizations providing executive search, executive compensation and organizational development services.