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October 21-27 2017






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The nexus of transformation and innovation

We are creating a game changing community at the intersection of Emergent Tech, Impact and Mindfulness. We're co-creating the next great gathering, informed by TED, World Economic Forum, Burning Man, Wisdom 2.0 & Summit Series - our vision is to have same type of high level, intimate, experiential gathering, to explore the edges of emergence, purpose and technology.

We launched our Reality Summit in the US at the Esalen Institute, birthplace of the human potential movement, which VRScout has called a "West Coast Davos". We continue to engage cross sector leaders to manifest our intent of developing a UN like community for the emerging technology industries as we expand our Summits to Europe with the kick off of our Eindhoven Summit.

Eindhoven, The Silicon Valley of Europe, welcomes Impact Reality Lab marking the emergence of a curated, galvanized community dedicated to exploring the marriage of global citizenship, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and emergent technologies.

Eindhoven is an emerging tech giant Eindhoven is an emerging tech giant with the TU/e Technical university Eindhoven and established powerhouses Philips and ASML. It also boasts a vibrant startup scene with e.g. HightecXL and LUMO labs, and expertise in exponential technologies as home to Singularity U. We are honored to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dutch Design Week as part of our program. Starting Oct. 19th, we will be leading a investor expedition to the Augmented World Expo in Munich and continuing to Eindhoven for Design Week to explore startup engagement and investment activities. A countryside castle will be the environment for this immersive experience running through October 27.

We are convening industry leaders in Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and associated emerging technologies. Geographically, we plan to curate for a cross pollination of participants from Asia and America with the European startup community and corporate participants.




The Impact Reality Lab will be part personal development/self-care, part cross industry deep dive, part thought leadership & network expansion, and outcome activation experience. We are designing it more as lab, personal and professional to explore human potential and collective impact. a snapshot of some of the content programming we are designing:

Mechanics of an Empathy Engine, The Coming Experience Economy, Perspective: Radical Inclusion, Exponential Tech Convergence, Consciousness Expanded: Neuroscience & Behavior Change, Cryptocurrencies & New Governance Structures, the Nature of Reality, Cause: Social Impact & 4Good Initiatives for Global Challenges, Culture Creation and Virtual Worlds.

Similar to our Reality Summit, the experience is based on the intelligence and experience in the room. This is neither a conference with keynotes and panels, nor a pure unconference or hackathon. Some of the modalities embedded in the experience include:

Collaborative Group Dialogue, Industry Research & Foresight, Individual Manifestation, Personal/Professional Netweaving, Initiative Accelerator, Mindfulness practices, experience Show & Tell, Social Experiments, Ignite Talks & UnConference.



We have a number of US participants committed to bringing the culture established at the US Summits to Eindhoven to assist in growing the community in Europe. Including: Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Business Leaders, Industry Influencers, Team Members, Founders, Change Agents and Innovators.

Who should attend?

Organizations and Individuals Interested in: Fostering creative potential and innovation | Expanding awareness of the benefits Virtual Reality | Purpose driven work Business tools and resources in the VR economy | VR/AR/MR as empathy machines | True Profit through social impact Awareness of global technology issues and solutions | Accessing and implementing industry collaborations and partnerships.