Digital Raign


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Is comprised of best in class Partners, Experts and ResearchersLeveraging this network allows us to remain wildly creative.while providing unique and multi-dimensional growth services, activations  and events.



Digital Raign is a networked organism, our growth is dependent on deep relationships with partners. We have an eclectic mix of production, services, nonprofit, think tank and media partners to bring our clients and community cutting edge experiences that align with our focus areas of emerging technology, social impact and consciousness/personal development. Please be in contact if you would like to join the circus and community of organizations and individuals exploring the edge of possibility. 



Our expert network was catalyzed through the shared experience of the 100 participants at our 2016 Reality Summit. The network HAS grown to a global community of over 700 industry leaders across social impact, mindfulness, business, research, artists, VR/ar/mr and associated emerging technology. This network acts as an active knowledge exchange, collaboration platform and peer to peer mentoring system. We are exploring how to augment the network with AI to make us smarter faster together.



Our Research Team is badass; each team member lends over 10+ years of experience, spanning different sectors in the emergent technology industries.

In Phase I our team began to systematically and holistically map executives and organizations in the global ecosystem; Generating our existing database of 5,000 + contacts and 750+ companies in this constantly evolving field while garnering critical market data. In addition, they initiated exploratory conversations with corporate, academic and think tank labs to start to determine impact and efficacy of immersive technology for various user populations.

In Phase II our team continues to expand our global database, and develop an even stronger focus on engaging researchers toward our goal to design a co-lab for product development.