Digital Raign is a virtual accelerator and an experiential ecosystem design and development firm focused on exponential tech and emerging media. Our strategy to empower the experience revolution includes an integrated portfolio of experiences, services and impact initiatives.



BusinesS GROWTH Services

since our inception, Our lens has widened exponentially and we see one of the most pressing issues for the industry to survive and thrive is ecosystem development. 

With that in mind, we have put together a portfolio of services to both serve startups and big brands.

Production Services

Through our studio partner Paragon VR, we supply creative and technical expertise to all stages of production, from concept to distribution. Paragon VR and R&D unit, Cyberlab9, are pioneers in the integration of emerging media (VR/AR) and exponential technologies (AI, Blockchain, Robotics/Drones) for immersive experiences.

SearcH and Representation

We bring 25 year of executive search and management consulting experience for the tech and life sciences industry to the growing emergent tech space. This includes: executive and Board search, rockstar recruiting, representation, comp negotiation, executive coaching, organizational development, legacy planning, VR/AR interviews/candidate testing/company tours.

Training, Development and Workshops

We design workshops and team building retreats to inform organizations on the effective use of VR/AR/MR, AI, Blockchain, robotics and associated emergent technologies. In this process, we improve internal operations such as customer engagement, product strategy and human potential.


We develop business and technology strategy for integrated marketing, leadership development plans and international growth.


We advise on emerging media content, community engagement, message and marketing strategies to drive revenue and immerse audiences in new brand experiences.

Business Development and Fundraising

With 15 years of business development in tech and creative industries we bring a unique capacity for partnership development in the emerging tech arena, leveraging our robust network of strategists, VCs and angels for capital connections.

Financial and Legal 

Through our partner network we offer legal and IP services as well as outsourced CFO and accounting systems to provide our clients with the best domain and industry expertise to assist in both strategic planning and execution for domestic and international markets.

Research and Analysis

We see great need for data to grow the evidence base for the long term social impact of applied emergent technology. we test hypotheses and design methodologies to determine efficacy of applications for various user populations. We have built an emerging tech R&D network with academic institutions, think tanks, and labs for advanced technology development.

Our aim is to continue to guide and support the leading edge of technology and provide insights and services to accelerate the growth of our clients' businesses in the US and in global markets. We encourage you to experience the power of a networked enterprise for exponential technology.


Experience Development

With our engagement partners we bring the power of emerging tech to the world, convene intimate thought leadership labs to move what's possible forward collaboratively and create mind blowing experiences that break new ground technologically and creatively.


Join us in September for our 2nd annual Americas Reality Summit at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA! As in our inaugural summit, we will focus on VR and emerging tech, social impact, mindfulness/consciousness and an expanding platform, embracing AI, Blockchain and robotics. Check out press on the success of our first Summit and our events page to view additional experiences we have designed in 2017 and 2018.

Expeditions and Micro-Events

With our network of partners we have designed retreat-style expeditions, each with an impact focus, in exotic locations. There, we’ll explore emerging tech with a healthy dose of art and culture. Examples include: an AI gathering around the America’s Cup in Bermuda, the advent of floating cities in Tahiti, a concert and expo for ocean conservation in Ibiza, immersive art adventures in Venice & Black Rock City and more. In addition, We organize and curate emerging tech experts facilitating collaborative deep-dives, workshops and strategy retreats for client executive teams globally and locally.

Community Activations

Our experiential marketing vehicle, Nomadic Raign, is a 34 ft airstream production studio available for conferences, festivals and communities throughout the Western US focused on raising awareness and access to emergent VR/AR/AI experiences. Nomadic Raign features sponsor branding, VR/AR experiences, a VIP Lounge and a production/recording studio for onsite celebrity and influencer interviews.

content and experience design

We produce virtual and augmented reality experiences that engage customers in your brand or donors with your mission. Through our partnerships with industry veterans such as Dan Mapes, Brent Heyning and Ed Lantz we have advanced technology R&D, prototyping and experiential environment fabrication. 

Culture Studios

Through our deep experience with festival and conference production we have developed musician, artist and festival producer retreats to introduce new performance and interactive technology, explore the cutting edge of immersive environments and to invite attendees to understand these technologies facilitating their ability to implement them when visioning and creating next level projects.

We would like to explore with you where you would like to take your business and brand. We envision adventure being part of that discovery.



Digital Raign is dedicated to the use of VR/AR/AI and other emergent technologies to enable positive impact. We are monitoring the growing evidence base through field application and academic research of the efficacy of these technologies to:


Positively alter consciousness

Aide in healthcare and therapeutics

Uniquely address diversity and inclusion

Enhance awareness of social and environmental issues toward actionable outomes


We applaud and participate in discussions and efforts to facilitate the ethical and responsible use of these technologies. We work with values-aligned partners that want to build brand around engagement, exploration and adventure, while pushing the envelope in these new emergent mediums. 

We are convinced that in-person engagements complemented by external broadcasting of the experiences will bring brands and their missions into deeper alignment with the growing market of conscious consumers and values driven audiences.

We seek additional impact partners to design initiatives and build on effective calls to action to intensify efforts around these and other impact areas and invite you to co-create with us. We weave our impact partnerships into programs that are amplified through memorable activations, events and experiences that support our partners’ missions and add new dimensions to their brands.

Reach out to us to explore what’s possible!

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We are looking for companies that share our values and are interested in being positioned at the forefront of technology and engagement. We desire to develop experiences that both create awareness and build brand value. Opportunities to create unique brand experiences exist through our emerging integrated platform of events, content, experiential/immersive and impact initiatives. For more information, please contact us.