Digital Raign is dedicated to the use of VR/AR/AI and other emergent technologies to enable positive impact. We are monitoring the growing evidence base through field application and academic research of the efficacy of these technologies to:


Positively alter consciousness

Aide in healthcare and therapeutics

Uniquely address diversity and inclusion

Enhance awareness of social and environmental issues toward actionable outomes


We applaud and participate in discussions and efforts to facilitate the ethical and responsible use of these technologies. We work with values-aligned partners that want to build brand around engagement, exploration and adventure, while pushing the envelope in these new emergent mediums. 

We are convinced that in-person engagements complemented by external broadcasting of the experiences will bring brands and their missions into deeper alignment with the growing market of conscious consumers and values driven audiences.

We seek additional impact partners to design initiatives and build on effective calls to action to intensify efforts around these and other impact areas and invite you to co-create with us. We weave our impact partnerships into programs that are amplified through memorable activations, events and experiences that support our partners’ missions and add new dimensions to their brands.

Reach out to us to explore what’s possible!