Family of Creation

Family of Creation



Please read the personal message from our hearts to yours included below.


We believe that the people that have shared the Reality Summit experience are integral to the emerging culture of the Digital Raign community. To honor our time together and ensure that the culture is embodied and carried forward as foundation for our 2018 Summit, we are extending a special discount to our alumni.

We have solidified our dates with Esalen (Sept. 30-Oct. 5 2018) and continue to grow our strategic partnership with the Institute. We are offering a limited number of DRFAM $250 discount codes for those registering during the week of 10/2-10/8 2017, which will also include you in the initial Summit launch promotion.


During the week of 10/2-10/8 2017 you can reserve your space in the 2018 Reality Summit by registering for the program and wait to book your accommodations at Esalen Institute by or before 1/5/18 - we will reserve your preferred accommodation type (if it is still available when you register for the program) at Esalen until January 5th 2018.


We are a ONE STOP SHOP THIS YEAR! We are able to manage the program registration and booking with Esalen Institute, streamlining the process by acting as your only point of contact throughout the entire process. WOOHOO!


This pricing tier ($1,000) is reserved for Reality Summit Alumni exclusively, commencing on 10/1/17 and will be available through 11/1/17. The additional alumni discount ($250) will expire at midnight PST 10/8/17.


  1. REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM - click the 'REGISTER' button at the top of this page to proceed; if you choose to register between 10/2-10/6/17, utilize this CODE: DRFAM to receive the $250 additional discount.
  2. CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED LEVEL OF ACCOMMODATION - which we will reserve for you (if availalble at the time you register for the program). We will collect a second payment for your Esalen Institute accommodations by 1/5/18.
  3. COMPLETE AN ABRIDGED VERSION OF THE APPLICATION - you will not have to fill out the entire application a second time -an abbreviated version will be sent to you by/before January 5th 2018.

Information on accommodation types, pricing and associated amenities can be found here:


Just after our inception and not long before our time together,

we sent out a wolf cry.

We didn't know if anyone would respond. 

Honestly, we didn't know what would happen.

We only knew we had a call within us. 

One that screamed and whispered... Do you believe?


and from there, we formulated four essential questions:

Are you in the reality industries? 

Do you believe in utilizing emergent technology for the betterment of humanity? 

Do you have or would you like to cultivate a mindfulness practice? 

Do you believe in embracing and celebrating this 'reality' while ushering in the next technological revolution?


Perhaps it was because you had a sense, like us, that time is ticking. 

Or perhaps you were ready to scream? 

To get out of the race, out of the hustle? 

To be uplifted, to exchange, to rest?

Perhaps you had read all the books you were told to read, had everything you thought you needed and yet you still felt...

Or perhaps you wanted change, or solitude?

To collaborate, or dance?

To up your game, land your dream job, fund your passion or become an entrepreneur?

Perhaps you wanted to come out of the spiritual closet?

Dedicate more fully to your practice?

Invite yourself into increased balance and self-care?

Learn or share new tech, tools and tricks of the trade?

Knock on doorways that might open?

Share the millions of ideas you can't stop pondering?

To partner?

For new beginnings?

Perhaps you came seeking something...

or simply for the journey itself?

To let go? Inspiration? Fun?

For the delight and surprise of the unknown?

Perhaps the place itself called to you, that sacred land, at the edge of the world?

Or a desire to commune with those who share your core values?

To leave a trace, a footprint that others might one day follow?

Perhaps even a legacy?

Perhaps you had a call deep within you as well...

one that had no words, one that was waiting for the echo of another or...


Perhaps you wanted to not feel so alone even when among the masses?



Regardless, of the why, and perhaps there was none... 

we're so glad you joined us. Our lives have been enriched because of your presence and our time together.

With Deep Gratitude and In Community,


Alison & James