“Digital Raign offers an experience that expands what is possible through community–truly taking to heart my words "THE MORE DIGITAL WE GET, THE MORE RITUAL WE NEED". I've witnessed this “curious tribe’s” growth and believe with their roots of Esalen and Burning Man and transformational model of "I to WE', grounded in consciousness, committed to impact through emerging technology, is foundational for our accelerating future.” ~ Chip Conley









RE-IMAGINE REALITY: This intensive is focused on the nexus of transformation and innovation.

The emergent technology revolution and the mindfulness movement are powerful change agents that can be utilized to benefit the very evolution of our species.

In 2018, we will convene industry leaders in virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Robotics and associated emerging technologies at the birthplace of the human potential movement.

We are creating a game changing community at the intersection of VR, Impact and Mindfulness. We're co-creating the next great gathering, informed by TED, World Economic Forum, Burning Man & Summit Series - our vision blends high intelligence (Intellectual & emotional), intimacy & transparency, experiential with outcomes - all rooted in community, to explore the edges of emergence, purpose and technology.

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In 2016, we established the Reality Summit as an annual gathering at Esalen,

VRScout has called it a "West Coast Davos"; and Jessie Damiani of Huffington Post touted the Summit as "a first-of-its-kind gathering... with an eye toward social impact" with this line nailing the heart of our growing global community, "I’d been to my share of tech conferences, ‘unconferences,’ gatherings, and otherwise—but I’d never attended one that facilitated such intimate, powerful bonding among attendees".

September 30-October 5th 2018, the 3rd annual Reality Summit returns to the Esalen Institute. As we continue to engage cross sector leaders to manifest our collective intent of developing a UN like community for the emerging technology industries. we will maintain our focus on the integration of XR, social impact and mindfulness while embracing our 2017 Summit expansion which included; AI, robotics, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, consciousness and neuroscience.

In preparation for the 2018 Summit, we continue to scan the horizon for emergence; integrating and highlighting bleeding edge technologies, purpose driven initiatives and industry leaders while exploring the limitlessness of our consciousness as we continue to comprehend and illuminate the infinite possibilities of the experience revolution.

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One of the most powerful resources humans possess is attention, the capacity to direct and concentrate the mind on ideas, questions, and innovation. Our versions of 'reality' are often so fast paced that we gloss over this fundamental fact.

We can choose to hone and deepen the quality of our attention. Shifting How we tend to ourselves, to each other, to planet earth while embracing emergent technology. In fact, when integrated with mindful attention, these technologies have the potential to provide us with better tools, expanding our capacity for enrichment, achievement and success.

As the human race rapidly accelerates, we can embrace the limitless potential these resources offer while utilizing them as anchors to grounded well-being and as doorways to impact initiatives.

The Summit is an alchemy of personal development, industry deep dive, thought leadership and network expansion in the context of outcome activation.

our intention: to continue to curate a global community of thought leaders with a deeply felt sense of connection, values alignment & commitment. One where, together, we utilize our individual & collective resources to innovate and elevate the future of humanity & the universe we share.

Here is a snapshot of some of the components we will explore:


Exponential Tech Convergence

Perspective: Radical Inclusion

Consciousness Expanded: Neuroscience & Behavior Change

Distributed: Cryptocurrencies and New Governance Structures

Cause: Local & Global Challenges

Culture Creation & Transformation 

Virtual Worlds: Immersive experiences explored

Next-gen Experience Economy

Collective Capacity & Art of the Possibility

As always, our design is based on the intelligence and experience in the room. this is neither a conference with keynotes and panels, nor a pure unconference or hackathon. We are designing it more as lab, personal and professional, to explore human potential and collective impact. Some of the modalities embedded in the experience include:

Collaborative Group Dialogue | Industry Research & Foresight

Individual Manifestation | Social Experiments | Inspire Talks

Experience Show & Tell | Impact Accelerator | radical Ritual

mindfulness and wisdom practices | UnFuckTheWorld Sessions

Personal/Professional development & Netweaving & more...

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We are honored that so many of the pioneers of purpose joined us this year, Including:

Dr. Tom Furness (International VR Research Institute), the Creator and Grandfather of VR, joined us at the nexus of the inception of the expansion of his nonprofit Virtual World Society.

Industry luminaries: Cassandra Vieten, PhD, Institute of Noetic Sciences & Mind-Body Medicine Research Group at California Pacific Medical Center, Malia Probst, VRScout, Women in XR Venture Fund & the Real Virtual Show, Bill TaiVenture Capitalist, BitFury Group Ltd., Treasure Data Inc. & Voxer and Jacki Morie, All These Worlds & University of Southern California and many more were in attendance.


This Summit is by invitation only

if you would like to attend, please submit an application


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