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RE-IMAGINE REALITY: This intensive is focused on the nexus of transformation and innovation.

The emergent technology revolution and the mindfulness movement are powerful change agents that can be utilized to benefit the very evolution of our species.

In September, we will convene industry leaders in virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality AI, Blockchain, Robotics and associated emerging technologies at the birthplace of the human potential movement.


One of the most powerful resources humans possess is attention, the capacity to direct and concentrate the mind on ideas, questions, and innovation. Our versions of 'reality' are often so fast paced that we gloss over this fundamental fact.  

We can choose to hone and deepen the quality of our attention. Shifting How we tend to ourselves, to each other, to planet earth while embracing emergent technology. In fact, when integrated with mindful attention, these technologies have the potential to provide us with better tools, expanding our capacity for enrichment, achievement and success.

As the human race rapidly accelerates, we can embrace the limitless potential these resources offer while utilizing them as anchors to grounded well-being and as doorways to impact initiatives.


We are creating a game changing community at the intersection of VR, Impact and Mindfulness. We're building & co-creating the next great gathering, informed by TED, World Economic Forum, Burning Man & Summit Series - our vision is to have same type of high level, intimate, experiential gathering, to explore the edges of emergence, purpose and  technology. Last year we established the Reality Summit as an annual gathering at Esalen, this year it's been referred to as a "West Coast Davos", we continue to engage cross sector leaders to manifest our intent of developing a UN like community for the emerging technology industries as we expand from Esalen to Eindhoven and Shenzhen with our Summits.

Our Reality Summit at the Esalen Institute is Sept. 3-8th, right on the heels of Burning Man, so we are expecting some cross pollination and increased international participation. We are expanding the content this year from our three pillars of VR/AR/MR, social impact and mindfulness; to include: AI, Robotics, Blockchain, cryptocurreny, consciousness and neuroscience.  

If you are going to Burning Man, this is the ultimate soft landing. After a week in Black Rock City exploring the ultimate experiential environment exit post Man Burn into healing waters and birthplace of the human potential movement at Esalen. This back to back transformative experience was planned, and we have been supporting artists and theme camps at the Burn to make 2017 the break out year for technology driven immersive experiences on Playa. Specifically, we are working with artist Dadara to support his monolithic reality challenging art piece, Solipmission and IDEATE Village on their workshop series including "Scaling Global Good" and "VR4SocialGood" symposiums. If you have never been, there is often a challenging emotional journey in transitioning back to the default world, community and self-care are considered a best practice.


The Summit will be part personal development/self-care, part cross industry deep dive, part thought leadership & network expansion, and outcome activation experience. Here is a snapshot of some of the content programming we are designing:


Mechanics of an Empathy Engine

The Coming Experience Economy

Perspective: Radical Inclusion

Exponential Tech Convergence

Consciousness Expanded: Neuroscience & Behavior Change

Cryptocurrencies and New Governance Structures

Cause: Social Impact & 4Good Initiatives for Global Challenges

Culture Creation | Virtual Worlds | the Nature of Reality

As with last year, based on the intelligence and experience in the room this is neither a conference with keynotes and panels, nor a pure unconference or hackathon. We are designing it more as lab, personal and professional to explore human potential and collective impact. some of the modalities embedded in the experience include:

Collaborative Group Dialogue | Industry Research & Foresight

Individual Manifestation | Personal/Professional Netweaving

Initiative Accelerator | Mindfulness | Experience Show & Tell

Social Experiments | Ignite Talks | Ritual | UnConference

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Early participants & Partners


We are honored to have so many of the pioneers of purposes joining us this year, Including:

Dr. Tom Furness (International VR Research Institute), the Grandfather of VR, joining us at the nexus of the inception of IVRI and the expansion of his nonprofit Virtual World Society.

Industry luminaries:

Robert Scoble, Transformation Group, Nonny de la Pena, Emblematic Group, the Godmother of VR and O.G., Barry Pousman, Variable Labs and Jacki Morie, University of Southern California will be joining us.

But wait there's more!

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is sending an executive team including President Cassi Vieten and head of their VR Lab, Loren CarpenterMarco DeMiroz (The VR Fund), Sari Stenfors (Augmented Leadership Institute), Jenna Seiden (HTC), Aaron Gani (Humana), Joanna Popper (Singularity University), Dr. Peter Buecker (BehaVR), Katie Hanson (HealthExpense), Dace Campbell (Autodesk), Leanne Gluck (America Makes) are joining us for the first time; Craig Allen (Creative Alchemy Inc.), Rebecca Gasca (Pistil & Stigma), Ryan Geist Bozajian (RGB Media), and Rachel Carpenter (Cinematrix) are returning as part of the community from last year. 

From our partner community we will be joined by Dan Mapes (CyberLab9),  Malia Probst (VRScout), Mikey Siegel (Consciousness Hacking), Barry Pousman (Variable Labs), Andy Lürling (LUMO Labs), Nichol Bradford (Transformative Technology Lab), Nicole Radziwill (James Madison University) and Morgan Benton (James Madison University).

Additional Partners Include: Virtual World SocietyCyberLab9, Esalen InstituteTransformative Tech LabEmerging Future InstituteLumo LabsInstitute of Noetic SciencesConsciousness HackingParagon VRConvenors.orgHub CultureVortex Immersion MediaJames Madison University & X-LabsInternational VR Research Institute and VRScout.


we will explore what's to come and help shape the future of these industries. We will embrace the benefits of the fourth transformation while staying connected to ourselves, to those around us and to planet earth.



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