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Brand Building and Philosophy

Digital Raign is dedicated to the use of VR/AR/AI and other emergent technologies to enable positive impact. We are developing a  virtual “lab” to explore and experiment with the positive social potential of these technologies. For partners the primary value of “labs” participation are; R&D, CSR learning/development and brand halo generation from innovation. 

We applaud and participate in discussions and efforts to facilitate the ethical and responsible use of these technologies. We work with values-aligned partners that want to build brand around engagement, exploration and adventure, while pushing the envelope in these new emergent mediums.




We are convinced that in-person engagements complemented by external broadcasting of the experiences will bring brands and their missions into deeper alignment with the growing market of conscious consumers and values driven audiences.

We seek additional impact partners to design initiatives and build on effective calls to action to intensify efforts around these and other impact areas and invite you to co-create with us. We weave our impact partnerships into programs that are amplified through memorable activations, events and experiences that support our partners’ missions and add new dimensions to their brands.




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Cutting edge culture & technology from the heart of the Bay Area

The founders bring their direct lineage to the next level combining the the collective creativity of Burning Man and the integration of technology and personal development of Wisdom 2.0 into an experimental context for discovery of what is possible. 

where mind meets technology - VR/AR/AI, cognitive behavior, consciousness, cryptocurrencies, virtual worlds, neuroscience, cognative beharvior and brain machine interfaces are all in focus for our positive futures. 

We also trace our cultural DNA to organizations and communities from the Bay Area who have generated a culture of purpose for generations: Esalen Institute, Institute of Noetic SciencesBioneersSocial Capital Markets, and California School of Integral Studies. We believe we can co-lead the movement from "I" to "We".

Our game changing community is co-creating the next  great gathering, informed by our roots and other social phenomenon; TED, World Economic Forum and Summit Series, and in service to a vision of an intimate, experiential gathering, called a "West Coast Davos" to explore the edges of emergence, purpose and technology.

Our goal is to design a unique competency based on exploring frontier technology as it intersects with human potential. These two articles by futurist Gerd Leonhard and Peter Diamonds, founder of Singularity University, to us, are good jumping off points to where we are going...

exponential humanity

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Culture is the ultimate killer app! Be part of creating memes and movements that move the needle on social and environmental engagement. Do you know Crypto, ICOs and Blockchain? Let's figure out the purposeful applications together.

Join us and our partners in developing our movement accelerator focused on artists & activist entrepreneurs in making real change and purpose profitable.


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Reach market influencers

such as the "Grandfather" and inventor of virtual reality, Dr. Tom Furness, in a lab-like experience designed by Digital Raign's leaders who have designed large-scale events for Burning Man and Wisdom 2.0. Join exclusive, invitation-only events shaping the future of VR/AR, artificial intelligence and blockchain industries.



Reach an additional ONE million+

market through Digital Raign’s social media outreach and Summit partner network. Impact program partners are included in all outreach leading up to the Summit and follow-up shout-outs.

Partners include: Esalen Institute, TransTech200Transformative Technology ConferenceInstitute for Noetic SciencesConsciousness HackingThe Virtual World SocietyHub CultureLumo LabsParagonVR/Cyberlab9ToyShoppeEmerging Future Institute and

Impact partners will be at the heart of our initiative accelerator where we will encourage our media partners to feature their projects during in event interviews and post event coverage.




Digital Raign’s values aligned media partner VRScout, reaches more than 150 million people per year. Malia Probst of VR Scout and The Real Virtual Show, Kent Bye of Voices of VR, and Jesse Damiani of VR Scout and the Huffington Post will be onsite conducting interviews. We will encourage press to feature impact program partners in interviews and event coverage, as desired.



Build intelligence and networks

to align your company’s strategy with leading creators, researchers, futurists, impact investors, technologists, philanthropists, VCs, filmmakers and executives including representatives from Autodesk, Singularity University, Humana, HTC, Social Capital Markets, VR Fund, Transformation Group, Oculus, Burning Man, Institute for the Future, Flow Genome, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Unity, Seastedding Institute, and THNK.

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Build leadership in XR

for impact, and improve the quality and reach of impact-focused VR/AR content and AI products around key issue areas such as the Sustainable Development Goals.


Ensure equal access

to VR and AI training, content, and leadership for communities across the US and the world. Let's build a better world, one prototype community at a time. We call it leaving a positive trace, build your legacy projects while your in your prime. We are All-In!



Partnership Levels


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Partner today for as low as $10,000, or co-create the reality you seek with us with a larger international impact program partnership




RE-IMAGINE Reality Summit Partner

Exclusive recognition as Presenting Sponsor at premiere Re-imagine Reality event (called a “West Coast Davos”) at the fabled Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Branded opening day reception.

Digital Raign will design a half-day workshop on a topic of your choice during the Re-imagine Reality Summit.

Opportunity to give welcoming remarks. 

Receive up to 5 complimentary tickets to Re-imagining Reality summit for colleagues and friends*.

Complimentary yearlong membership for up to eight people in Virtual World Society.

Value: Priceless

Cost: 50,000+



RE-IMAGINE Reality Accelerator Partner

Exclusive recognition as Accelerator Sponsor, supporting impact initiatives seeded on the Accelerator Day September 6th at the Re-imagining Reality Summit for values-aligned partners (such as the Anti-defamation League, The INstitute of Noetic Sciences, The Virtual World Society among others). 

Two Comp tickets for the Reality Summit.

five annual memberships for Virtual World Society.

Premiere networking opportunities to join influential leaders, experts and media professionals.

Value: Priceless

Cost: $25,000+


Activation Partner

Go on tour this fall with Digital Raign and The Virtual World Society, visiting college campuses, festivals, and communities throughout America.

Nomadic Raign, home of our emergent technology airstream fleet; features The Raignmakr, our 34 ft mobile production, recording and editing studio, VR experience activator and VIP Lounge.

Featuring your company’s branding and community outreach through emergent tech.

One Complimentary ticket to the Re-Imagining Reality Summit.

five annual memberships for Virtual World Society.

Value: Priceless

Cost: $20,000+


Supporting Partner

Recognition as a Supporting Sponsor.

One Complimentary ticket to The Re-Imagine Reality Summit.

Three annual memberships for Virtual World Society.

Premiere networking opportunities with influencers, XR creatives, impact professionals & executives with the Digital Raign team working to match your passion to those who can execute your vision.

Value: Priceless

Cost: $10,000+


Co-Creation Partner

Exclusive Digital Raign designed 4 hour to week-long impact summit or expedition with VR or AR production implementation and strategy for online and physical distribution, including use of Digital Raign's Raignmakr Airstream. Based on your team’s needs, we will design an experience to meet your goals, design the technology, create a campaign, program the event curate and invite attendees.

Recognition as Co-creation leader in all Digital Raign events, expeditions and experiences such as the Reality Summit at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, at the European Reality Summit in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and in the spring 2018 Asia conference.

Speaking opportunity at Digital Raign's international summits*.

Receive up to 5 complimentary tickets for colleagues to Digital Raign's international summits.

Premiere global networking opportunities to join industry leaders, experts and media professionals. 

Value: Priceless

Cost: $$300,000 - $1,000,000


Summit Premier Partner

Digital Raign Summit Premier Partner in all Digital Raign events, expeditions and experiences in premier industry events at the Reality Summit at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, at the European Reality Summit in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and in the spring 2018 Asia conference, including press, summit website, and in all social media and PR.

Design stand-alone 3- hour workshop for each summit.

Named sponsor for accelerator at each summit.

Invitation to lead in Investing for Impact table talk at each summit.

Speaking opportunity at summit*.

Receive up to Five complimentary tickets. 

Value: Priceless

Cost: $$$250,000+ PLus


International Founding Partner

Exclusive recognition as founding partner at premier industry events at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, at Lumo Labs Reality Summit in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and in the spring 2018 Asia conference.

Speaking opportunity at summit*.

Receive up to 5 complimentary tickets for colleagues and friends*.

Premiere global networking opportunities to join influential leaders, experts and media professionals.

Complimentary yearlong membership for up to 10 people in The Virtual World Society. 

Value: Priceless

Cost: $$$$100,000+ Plus+

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Digital Raign cultivates, supports, and accelerates the emergent tech and social impact ecosystem; designING international summits, LOCAL EVENTS, mobile activations, content creatioN and ACCELERATOR SERVICES.


Partner with Digital Raign to advance your impact!

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