San Francisco based Startup to provide a wide range of human capital services including retained executive search, rockstar technical recruiting, solution sets and management consulting to companies in the rapidly growing 'reality' industries.

Founded by Alison Raby, serial entrepreneur and twenty year search industry veteran and James Hanusa, management consultant in technology and culture,

DigitaL Raign offers a wide range of customized solutions including: executive search and technical recruiting, 360 office experience and corporate culture design (virtual company tours, interviews, cultural branding) as well as impact experience production. READ MORE...




"Reality technologies are the future of not only the computer industry, but will also be central to every aspect of our lives. We have already begun to see major shifts in healthcare, real estate, retail and entertainment," said Hanusa. “We have developed a platform to engage the people that are necessary to scale this sector, over the next five years." 

The industry is experiencing massive momentum with $1.2B flowing into VR in Q1 and the recent establishment of the $10B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance as well as strong investment from tech giants including: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Sony, HTC and Samsung.

Goldman Sachs expects the market for virtual reality and augmented reality to be worth 80 billion dollars in 2025, which is roughly the same size as the PC market is today. With that growth will come a need for talented technical and creative staff as well as key executives. For reference, Indeed, Inc., the online job marketplace, saw an 800% increase in VR job postings since 2014 and 1800% increase in VR job searches. 

"We are building a global firm based on relationships, that is tech savvy and aggressive in pushing the edges of possibility with our clients," stated Raby, "the search industry has changed dramatically, as have recruiting processes. We have even started to see VR used in candidate courting by early adopters, case in point, the wooing of Kevin Durant by the Golden State Warriors."

Digital Raign's founders have worked with marquee clients including: Google, 23andMe, Bayer, Oracle, Genentech, Autodesk, Amazon, Roche, Salesforce, Elan, Burning Man Project, Impact Hub Network and State of the World Forum.

Sharing a passion for activism and social change, Hanusa and Raby have built impact into the DNA of the company. Events are currently being designed to engage the reality industry in more 4Good initiatives as Ms. Raby is an Ambassador for the Virtual World Society established by the Grandfather of Virtual Reality, Dr. Tom Furness, to explore how to create mechanisms for increased diversity and inclusion as the industry grows.

To further her commitment to the inclusion of under-represented groups in the reality workforce, Alison has recently joined as Co-Organizer of ARVR Women; an organization dedicated to supporting gender equality in the Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality industries. 

Digital Raign has also established a strategic partnership with SpiritualVR, a content creator and publisher focused on spirituality and self-improvement. The mission of the alliance is anchored in developing a community dedicated to enhancing our humanity in an ever increasing digital world.

An immersive experience examining these topics and others relating to the future of reality will be held at the Esalen Institute October 9-14th, more information on the event here.  

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If 2016 was about exploring the reality revolution, 2017 is about defining exponential experience for Digital Raign. We're interested in collapsing the space and building relationships between; technology & people, AI & impact, VR & consciousness, in short emergence.

Exponential Experience

What experience do you envision for the coming year? As our vision has taken shape, we would like to understand yours. Our mission for 2017 is to 1) engage partners to bring the power of emerging tech to the world and 2) to convene intimate thought leadership labs to move what's possible forward collaboratively. Please give us your thoughts in this short questionnaire of how we can co-create experiences that will amplify and accelerate our collective evolution. Please take a few moments to tell us your desires: Digital Raign Future Survey.

Phase II - Launch

At VRLA, we launched our new website, expanded accelerator services offering, partnerships, expeditions and announced our series of summits. We also welcomed Lizzie Kountze as our Chief Impact Officer. She brings her cause-centric background to our team to drive the development of our Impact Partner Program.

Creative Services & Training

We have joined forces with industry veteran Dan Mapes, supporting the growth of his new venture Paragon VR and gaining his expertise as our content production studio with capabilities covering VR, AR, AI and Blockchain, creative and experiential. Please let us know if you would like to explore project possibilities.

Accelerator Services

We launched Digital Raign in August 2016 as the first full service Executive Search firm for the VR industry. Since then we have expanded our services offering through partnerships to include outsourced financial systems/shared CFO, growth hacking, international strategy, legal/IP, R&D, training and development.

Based on our network we added business development and investor engagement to our offering portfolio in April. How can we help you grow?

Reality Summit at the Esalen Institute

Our Reality Summit is now an annual event with this year’s dates falling on Sept. 3-8th, right on the heels of Burning Man, so we are expecting some cross pollination and increased international participation. We are expanding the content this year from our three pillars of VR, social impact and mindfulness; to AI, AR, Blockchain, consciousness and neuroscience. Due to high demand for last year’s Summit, we are implementing a process of asking participants to apply prior to extending invitations to purchase tickets for the experience. Early participants include:

We are honored to have Dr. Tom Furness (International VR Research Institute), the Grandfather of VR, joining us at the nexus of the inception of IVRI and the expansion of his nonprofit Virtual World Society. Industry luminaries Robert Scoble (Transformation Group) Nonny de la Pena (Emblematic Group), the Godmother of VR and O.G. Jacki Morie (University of Southern California) will be joining us this year. 

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is sending an executive team including President Cassi Vieten, Innovation Lab Director Julia Mossbridge, and head of their VR Lab, Loren CarpenterMarco DeMiroz (The VR Fund), Sari Stenfors (Augmented Leadership Institute), Jenna Seiden (HTC), Aaron Gani (Humana), Joanna Popper (Singularity University), Dr. Peter Buecker (BehaVR), Tom Polson (3DPaint/FX), Katie Hanson (HealthExpense), Travis Barker (Peerless), Leanne Gluck (America Makes) are joining us for the first time; Craig Allen (Creative Alchemy Inc.), Rebecca Gasca (Pistil & Stigma), and Rachel Carpenter (Cinematrix) are returning as part of the community from last year. 

From our partner community we will be joined by Dan Mapes (CyberLab9),  Malia Probst (VRScout), Mikey Siegel (Consciousness Hacking), Barry Pousman (Variable Labs), Andy Lürling (LUMO Labs), Nichol Bradford (Transformative Technology Lab), Ian Michael Hebert (Esalen Institute), Nicole Radziwill (James Madison University) and Morgan Benton (James Madison University).

Partners: Virtual World Society, CyberLab9, Esalen Institute, Transformative Tech Lab, Emerging Future Institute, Lumo Labs, Consciousness Hacking, Paragon VR, Hub Culture, Vortex Immersion MediaJames Madison University & X-LabsInternational VR Research Institute and VRScout.

We hope you will join us for our 2017 Reality Summit – Overview, Application & Registration 

European Summit & Global Retreats

In partnership with Lumo Labs, we are designing the inaugural European Reality Summit in the Netherlands. We have also started to engage other collaborators including top tech and social impact universities SingularityU and THNK as well as local economic development agencies Brainport and BOM. As we increasingly expand our global footprint, we are developing a network of partners to produce retreat-style immersive events in some 20 locations around the world from Brazil to Bali, Hong Kong to Helsinki. Let us know if you would like to partner on bringing our growing community together in your part of the world or join us in the Netherlands or Asia.

Culture Studios

Android Jones was our featured artist at our 2016 Summit at Esalen. He continues to up level and innovate on his immersive experiences (MicroDose VR, Samskara) at iconic events such as VRLA, Coachella and Burning Man. Through our deep experience with festival and conference production we have developed musician, artist and festival producer retreats to introduce new performance and interactive technology, explore the cutting edge of immersive environments and to invite attendees to understand these technologies facilitating their ability to implement them when visioning and creating next level projects.

Upcoming Curation & Content

NYCxDesign: May 3 – 24, 2017 – VR, AI & Art Activation @ Times Square

Maker Faire Bay Area: May 19 – 21, 2017 – VR & Maker Panel @ San Francisco Bay Area

Hub Culture Innovation Campus: May 15 – August 31, 2017 Pop Up Experience + AI & Impact Conferences @ Bermuda

Augmented World Expo: May 31 – June 2, 2017 – Virtual World Society Impact Day (June 2nd) @ Santa Clara, CA

TransTech Conference: October 13 – 15, 2017 – Panel & Experience Creation @ Palo Alto, CA

Reimagine Reality: October 21 – 23, 2017 – Reality Summit Europe @ Eindhoven

ALL-IN: Dates TBA 2018 – Radical Inclusion Summit @ Esalen Institute

Impact Partner Program

We are looking for companies that share our values and are interested in being positioned at the forefront of technology and engagement. We desire to develop experiences that both create awareness and build brand value. Opportunities to create unique brand experiences exist through our emerging integrated platform of experiential/immersive events, content, and impact initiatives. Lizzie Kountze is leading this effort and can be reached at

Virtual World Society

When we formed Digital Raign, we embedded social impact in its DNA. As the organization has matured we have found that our values are what have attracted people to our community. We had the good fortune of meeting with the Grandfather of VR, Dr. Tom Furness over the Thanksgiving holidays and subsequently establishing a partnership with the nonprofit he founded, Virtual World Society. Digital Raign co-founder, Alison Raby, recently joined the VWS Board bringing her expertise in diversity and human systems to the organization as it prepares for global growth. We are currently designing programs and partnerships focused on technology access, beneficial research and humanitarian applications of VR. If you believe in this important work, we encourage you to become a VWS member.

Exponential Humanity

As we grow we continue to remind ourselves of why we are doing this work-we believe in utilizing emergent technologies toward the betterment of humanity. We're big believers in the people side of tech, so please reach out if our approach and offerings resonate with you, we are concentrating on engaging the right people to co-create transformative experiences in the world. Our goal is to design a unique competency based on exploring frontier technology as it intersects with human potential. Some views on what's next from us are captured in the Exponential Experience article by think tank Emerging Future Institute. These two articles by futurist Gerd Leonhard and Peter Diamonds founder of Singularity University feel like good jumping off points to where we are going... exponential humanity.

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